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Leeds Children's Mayor Competition

Leeds Children's Mayor Competition - 2021

This year we look forward to entering the Leeds Children's Mayor Competition with some of our Year 5 children. Revisit this page in the Summer Term to see if any of our children have been successful in reaching the final 12!

Leeds Children's Mayor Competition - 2017/18


This is Ndanatsei's entry for Children's Mayor 2017.  There were 42 applications and although Ndanatsei didn't win, we are extremely proud of her.  Ndanatsei decided to tackle the issue of bullying.  



Leeds Children’s Mayor 2017

Task for Year 5 entrants


We have asked primary school pupils from across Leeds have what are issues are most important to them. The top five issues are:


  • A clean and tidy environment within schools and the community
  • More activities for children and families within schools and the community
  • Drivers are aware of road safety near schools
  • Tackling bullying within schools, the community and online
  • Children and young people feel safe within the community








Bramley St Peter's C of E Primary






Stop bullying throughout schools and the community


Summarise your idea in once sentence

Bullying is wrong! Peace is right!


Your Idea (no more than 200 words)

If I was Children’s Mayor of Leeds….

I would try to minimise bullying around schools and the community. Did you know, bullying affects more than half of the people in Leeds: whether this be verbal bullying or physical bullying? Bullying harms not just children, but teenagers and adults too. Bullying can cause feelings such as: loneliness, shyness, feeling scared to go to school, and in very serious cases, taking one’s own life.


How will your idea make a difference? (no more than 100 words)

Awareness is crucial. Bullies can spread rumours which could cause one to feel ashamed of themselves; self esteem could be affected and a bully may feel as if they have ‘won’. Tackling bullies will mean children and young people would not feel ashamed, have higher self esteem and the bully will not have the satisfaction of thinking they have won.


Who will benefit from your idea? (no more than 100 words)

All children, teenagers and adults would benefit from my idea. As Children’s Mayor I would be able to tackle existing issues of bullying, which I myself have experienced, and also to try to prevent new incidences of bullying.


Low cost / no cost idea for how other children in the city can help with your manifesto

  1. Firstly I would create posters to persuade people to stop bullying and also give people ideas on how to tackle the problem. I would print these out and send them to every school in Leeds, to libraries, to police stations, to hospitals, to parks and to community centres.
  2. Secondly I would write letters to all teachers in Leeds to get them to inform the children in their care of how bad bullying is, why it needs to be stopped and what children and young people should do if they see it happening.
  3. Finally I would raise a campaign where myself and other victims of bullying (and those who have witnessed bullying) can speak out.
  4. The right way forward is to stop bullying and promote peace.


Thank you, Ndanatsei Chinyoka.

Leeds Children's Mayor Competition - 2015/16

Our entry into this competition has become and annual tradition. The children are invited to write a manifesto saying how they would improve Leeds if they were the Children's Mayor. The manifesto must be based on one of the twelve wishes for a more child friendly Leeds. 


From all the entries, the ten finalists are chosen by a panel of children and young people. Children and young people in the city are then asked to vote for who they would like to elect as their next Children's Mayor - and the winner is announced by theLord Mayor in an event every November. 


We had nine pupils put themselves forward this year. The standard was high and we just couldn't decide between Tom and Jake (see their manifestos below) so we asked the judges in Leeds to make the tough choice! Well done to all the children who took part and good luck to Tom and Jake.